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What’s New In iPhone 14? Here’s What To Expect

What should we expect from the next iPhone 14 with the latest installment?

What’s New In iPhone 14? Here’s What To Expect

Our answers to what’s new in iPhone 14 are many! Among others, we have heard that the iPhone 14 could introduce a retro design inspired by iPhone 4 with a metal sandwich profile. We hope this is the case.

The assumed CAD files, which were shared in a publication on Chinese social networks, can show the exact dimensions of the cutouts. They are not exactly small. They are quite close to the size of the original notch but without the empty black space. We will take more pixels every day. 

What should we expect from the next iPhone line with the latest installment?

First, the general design of the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13 will remain for another year. Hang around for the same flat edges and rounded corners.

This notch includes a pill that is the cutout for the identification of the face and a circular cutout for the camera. This is the solution for Apple until it can fully embed the face ID and the front camera on the screen itself. At least, that is still four or maybe five years away.

One of the biggest differences in the iPhone 14 line is that Apple stirs the screen sizes.

Here is the iPhone 13 line today:

  • 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • 6.1-inch iPhone 13 Pro
  • 6.1-inch iPhone 13
  • 5.4-inch iPhone 13 mini

The relative sales return of the largest and smaller sizes caused Apple to rethink its orientation. The Max model is popular in China, while the mini is not sold well enough to stay. So here is the solution that Apple is planning for the iPhone 14:

  • 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro
  • 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max
  • 6.1-inch iPhone 14

For the first time, the iPhone line, which is not pro, boasts a 6.7 -inch screen option. This phone version will be extremely popular since users can now receive the largest iPhone size Apple for at least 200 US dollars less than before.

However, this creates a riddle: How does Apple differentiate its pro and no pro phones? The big difference is a telephoto lens, stainless steel edges, a lidar scanner, a promotion screen, a few hours more battery life, an additional graphics core, and a 1 terabyte storage option.

That doesn’t seem enough to justify the pro-state of the high-end device. But Apple does more to distinguish the iPhone 14 Pro from low models:

Exclusively for iPhone 14 Pro models

We learned that the new 48-megapixel sensor for the large-angle camera (which essentially the main camera is on the iPhone) will be only for the Pro models. The normal iPhone 14 line adheres to a shooter of 12 to megapixels.

As reported, Pro models receive the new A16 chip from Apple, while standard models are likely to hang on the A15 of the last year or a variant. The chip shortage has not only tried to highlight the pro and may have contributed to this decision.

For camera buffs, the improved sensor is a good point of sale to switch from the regular to a specialist, but we doubt that a single processor jump suffices to influence the selection of a user.

If you are currently thinking about the iPhone 13, you can wait a few months and go for the iPhone 14. To make well-founded decisions, let’s look at what is really new on the iPhone 14.

Design of iPhone 14: It is possible that the iPhone 14 can receive the side housing in Titan as stronger than the previous models. Another key update could be the interruption of the display. There could also be changed in the slopes of the camera.

Variants of the iPhone 14: The iPhone 14 has four models: iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and standard. The mini had no success in the iPhone 13. Although the standard and per variants have 6.1 -inch screens, the Max and Pro -Max variants have screens of 6.7 inches larger.

Screen: High-specific variants of the iPhone 14 screen are expected to have an update speed of 120 Hz. The standard variant can continue at an update rate of 60 Hz or an update at 90 Hz. Our phone screens from LG will probably be preserved. The screen used is an LTPS unit.

Touch ID: The iPhone 14 can receive a touch -ID that is embedded under the screen. This function is already offered with some of the high -android phones.

Camera: iPhone 14 Pro models are expected to receive a 48 -MP primary camera. The standard model will probably be continued with a 12 MP camera. Previously, there were reports that the iPhone 14 could get a zoom camera in the Periscope style. However, this is probably available with the iPhone 15 in 2023.

USB C: There are several reports that iPhone 14 Pro models will change the lighting connection to USB-C connections. This can also be associated with the EU’s decision to make USB-C a standard for portable devices.

5G Connectivity: The iPhone 14 could get the 5G modem from Apple, which has a better performance and a lower influence on the battery life. The chip will also be smaller. The iPhone 14 is approved by most 5G bands.

iPhone 14 processor: The iPhone 14 will likely get the chip of A Serie equipped by Apple. The performance of the graphics is expected to increase. It will be a 4 -NM chip made by TSMC. 

iPhone 14 price: The price for the standard iPhone 14 is 799 US dollars, the iPhone 14 Max 899 US dollars, iPhone 14 Pro at 1,099 US dollars, and Pro Max cost 1,199 US dollars.


The iPhone 14 is expected to debut this year in the September- October period. We told you some important updates are expected, and although, leaks and rumors about the next iPhones have often become true.

It remains to be seen what the fans will really get later this year. One thing to consider is that the release of the iPhone 14 can be delayed because of the prevailing situations, such as the Russia-Ukraine crisis and COVID-19 variants.


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