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Samsung Galaxy S22: BEST Tricks, Tips, And Hidden Features You Must Know Now!

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is among the most powerful smartphones available today if you know its hidden features.
Photo by: Marques Brownless

Samsung Galaxy S22: BEST Tricks, Tips, And Hidden Features You Must Know Now! 

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is among the most powerful smartphones available today if you know its hidden features. Since its recent launch, the manufacturer has already reported impressive sales figures for the device.

The kind of stuff we wish all smartphones could do! And whether that means using a search like a boss, smart widgets, or customizing the color of your home screen, we've outlined our favorite Samsung Galaxy S22 tips and tricks below. Let's see them!

1. Search Like A Boss

If you have searched apps on  Galaxy S22, you might have seen the finder throw out matching documents and photos. If you're not happy with your phone showing everything, you can adjust Finder preferences.

To do this, open the app drawer and tap the three-dot menu in the top-right corner to open Settings. Once inside, toggle the switches for the categories you want to restrict.

2. Customize The Accent Color

You can customize the home screen color to your liking. You can have the palette as turquoise or perhaps blue, for instance. Interestingly, if you like, you may employ this color palette for a few of the icons. 

Long press on the home screen and select Wallpaper & style. Then tap on the color palette and select the color of your choice. When you're done, toggle the switch to apply the palette to app icons.

3. Add Smart Widgets

One of the Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra novelties is the inclusion of smart widgets. These are stackable widgets that are fully customizable. You can have your favorite apps in a single space on your phone, making it more interesting.

To add a smart widget, press on the home screen and select Widgets. Once inside, select Smart Widgets on the screen and choose one of the options. Since the Samsung Galaxy S22 has a tall screen, the second smart widget looks appropriate for the screen.

The best part is that you can customize the widgets and add apps. To add the apps, long-press the widget and select Settings! Next, to add the app of your choice, you want to select the Add Widget option. That's it!

4. Activate One-Handed Mode

The Galaxy S22 is a big phone, and using it with one hand is a bit of a challenge. So if you're on the go, you might want to opt for the one-handed mode. To do this, open Settings > Advanced Settings and scroll down until you see the one-handed mode option.

Once inside, choose one of the options, and that's it!

5. Take Screenshots Of Selected Areas

Who needs to take full screenshots when you can only capture the important spots? Yes, you read it right. The S Pen allows you to save screenshots of selected areas.

To do this, remove the S Pen and choose Smart Select from the menu on the right. Now select the range you want to save and click on the Save button.

6. Customize S Pen Shortcuts

You can use the Galaxy S22 S Pen to write a quick note, translate text, or select random objects on the screen. These options are presented in a neat menu that appears when you pull out the S Pen (or tap the pen icon).

However, not all options may be essential for you. Luckily, you can delete the ones you don't like. To do this, tap the S Pen menu and tap the Settings cog; then select the Shortcut option and remove the ones you don't like from the menu on the right.

7. Rearrange The Quick Settings Panel

If you spend several moments of the day swiping the quick settings panel, you might want to customize it to your liking. Luckily, it's pretty straightforward to get to.

Open the quick settings menu and tap the more icons. Now, press on the icon you want to move to the first row and gently drag it. Do that for those you want to move, and that's it.

8. Keep The Screen On

When the screen turns off while reading e-books or long texts, does it bother you? Of course, you can extend your phone's screen timer. However, it makes sense to enable the Keep the screen on gesture in such a situation. It makes sure the screen stays on when you look at it.

This feature uses the front camera to recognize your face, which can drain the battery over time. But if you prefer to keep things simple, you can enable this feature.

You can find the settings under Advanced settings > Motions and gestures.

9. Convert Handwritten Text

The good thing is that the Galaxy S22 lets you turn those handwritten notes into text. Cool right? Open the note of your choice and tap the Select icon to choose the text you want to convert.

Next, tap the three-dot menu and choose Convert Text. If your note is readable, your phone will convert it in seconds. All you have to do is copy and paste them into the appropriate place.

10. Customize The Side Key

The Samsung Galaxy S22 offers many customization options, including the option to customize the side button. Yes, that's the name of the second button on the right edge. For now, you can customize the Double Press, and Long Press features. The latter enables Bixby by default.

And if you want to turn off your phone, you need to tap the power button in the quick settings area. And yes, it can be annoying. So if you want the traditional power button back, you'll have to select the second option from the menu.

At the same time, with the double-tap action, you can choose an app of your choice. 


Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S22 has a lot more to offer, but as you can see from the specs in this article, it's certainly an advanced device and, on paper at least, puts many of its notable competitors to shame. If you're looking for a new smartphone, this is a phone that's definitely worth a closer look.

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