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How To Make Money, Increase Subscribers By Youtube Automation

YouTube automation can make you a lot of money. If you want to make money on YouTube without using YouTube advertising, the said YouTube automation is what you need to scale up earnings.

How To Make Money, Increase Subscribers By Youtube Automation

YouTube automation can make you a lot of money. If you want to make money on YouTube without using YouTube advertising, the said YouTube automation is what you need to scale up earnings. 

It is preferable to have more than one income stream; if that income stream does not require too much time and effort. Now is the wonderful opportunity to find out how to generate extra money; Therefore, YouTube automation is the way to go.

We will discuss this part of YouTube automation's features, pros, and cons. You can then decide whether or not to go for it.

What Is Youtube Automation?

YouTube automation is a process that YouTube software uses to automate actions on YouTube.

This helps creators ensure their YouTube channel gets the necessary traffic engagement when on autopilot. YouTube automation is beneficial as it helps people grow their businesses.

What YouTube automation does is increase traffic to your YouTube channel and increase channel engagement.

This, in turn, translates into the revenue YouTube pays you for engagement on your channel.

It's legal as it uses techniques that don't exceed YouTube's guidelines in generating traffic.

YouTube automation tools have helped many YouTubers grow their channels, gain huge audiences, and popularize their content.

Top YouTube Automation Tools


Hootsuite allows its users to watch multiple streams and monitor viewer interaction. The app lets you schedule messages, check performance stats, and read replies. It's a great tool for listening on social networks, and you can easily share your videos. 

Hootsuite is a wonderful tool to use that is very efficient, making it one of the best out there. Scheduling and posting YouTube videos is easy and saves a lot of time for other things.


  • Allows you to display your viewers' questions in one interface
  • You can easily manage your social media management team
  • Track top phrases and terms in posts.


It is not compatible with specific platforms, and you cannot manage multiple accounts.

Sprout Social

Coming second on our list, this social media management and analytics tool is among the first in this industry. Social media managers and businesses use Sprout Social to schedule posts. They also use it to track mentions and get analytics reports.


  • Scheduling Social Media Posts
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Analytical Reports:


It can sometimes take a while for support to respond.


Tube Assist Pro is an excellent YouTube bot that will help you maximize your channel's performance. It can automatically like or dislike a YouTube video and even post comments and share videos. 

Tube Assist Pro comes in three packages to automate your channel, with the latest version costing $139. This bot will automatically increase your video views and help them rank quickly.


  • Automated video sharing, comments, and replies 
  • With this tool, you can send private messages to your subscribers.
  • You can do a thorough and systematic search for videos on YouTube.


It can be challenging to search with keywords


TubeBuddy is a great tool to automate your channel, certified by YouTube, so it's safe to use. It is an application widely used by YouTube creators to promote and publish videos. Creators can embed code for their playlist, comment on comments from new subscribers, add emoticons, and more.

TubeBuddy is a highly regarded social media management tool for ranking YouTube channels and managing user interaction.


  • You can easily place your video content on the first page of Youtube.
  • Provides an SEO checklist to help the content get more views!
  • It suggests the best keywords for your video to rank better.


Instead of updating, it sometimes shows the old information.


This YouTube bot automatically plays your videos, directly increasing your channel viewership. You can also set the bot to how many views you want per hour.

Enabling OAuth gives you additional features like liking and commenting on videos and subscribing to channels. This bot offers an excellent way to increase your channel's popularity on YouTube.


  • The app auto-plays your videos to increase your video views.
  • You can manage multiple YouTube channels from one account.
  • You can earn some income from your affiliate program.


Support could be better


Views is a business focused on social network growth and can be used on multiple accounts. It offers a fully automated service and packages for followers and engagement growth. The more followers you have on your YouTube channel, the more likely others will follow you.

Many believe this service can become overwhelming since the packages have different guarantees and parameters.


  • Offer a fully automated service
  • It has several packages to offer.
  • It can also be used on TikTok, Telegram, and others.


The platform does not offer free trials.


You can automate not only your YouTube channel with Somiibo but also other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Somiibo automatically likes and comments on videos, saving you a lot of time.

With Somiibo, you can search for hashtags and phrases and check how many likes you have for each post. This bot allows you to automate your marketing repeatedly across multiple platforms. 


  • It offers different proxies for each module.
  • It supports multiple accounts at the same time
  • Can schedule many times in a day


The bot can sometimes be buggy


Here is a must-have tool for people who want to grow their YouTube channel. All your YouTube videos get excellent analysis using this single tool. It even shows you how you compare to your competitors, which is very helpful. Users also get SEO results, a checklist to optimize their videos, and suggested hashtags for their content. 

VidIQ is very easy to use, and the analytics are easy to read and understand. The thumbnail generator is easy to use and has good graphics.


  • Send notifications on hot topics.
  • It has an excellent keyword research section
  • Users can bulk copy end screens and maps.


Offer only one account with this software


This is another social media growth organization. You can buy views and followers to make your channel more competitive. QQTube is quite cheap as you can buy 1000 YouTube views for just 2 USD. These views are not genuine but can be good for someone who needs to scale his Youtube business.

Using QQTube to buy views saves time and helps your YouTube channel grow faster.


  • API Integration
  • You have a free trial period.
  • Offered at very reasonable prices


Customer service


Sprizzy provides real-time analytics, drives engagement, and has a smart algorithm for smart targeting. This software filters out low-engagement viewers such as—children using their parents' phones. 

The price depends on the number of views you want and starts at $50. Sprizzy doesn't seem to have excellent customer service either. Hence its legitimacy may be questioned.


Real viewer engagement

Filtering out unattractive viewers like children.

It has an intelligent targeting algorithm.


No trial or free plan


Using YouTube automation tools to make more money is a good step in managing your YouTube channel. The above tools provide important analytics and allow you to manage how you interact with your viewers. With the tools highlighted here, you can strategize to market your videos in a way that works for you, thereby making more money.


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