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Best Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

We searched for the best screen protectors available on the market that will create a perfect fit on your display and offer substantial protection for your phone

Best Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

With a premium phone set at a premium price, you would want to take all the precautionary measures to keep your Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra free from any potential damage. 

Galaxy S22 Ultra is perhaps one of Samsung’s sleekest phones produced up to date. With a pretty high screen-to-body ratio, you don’t want any scratches or cracks to ruin it. While the latest Samsung phones would usually come with built-in screen protectors, they offer minimal protection against accidental drops and scratches. 

Getting yourself a proper screen protector is your best choice for protecting your phone. However, you should remember that the Galaxy S22 Ultra has a slight curvature along with the display. This can make your usual kiosk-bought tempered glass screen protectors obsolete for this phone model. 

That said, we searched for the best screen protectors available on the market that will create a perfect fit on your display and offer substantial protection for your phone. Here are our favorites:

1. Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector

If you want full edge-to-edge coverage on your Galaxy S22 Ultra, the Whitestone Dome brand has a cult following.

We wondered what makes this brand unique and it turns out, that the hype is real. This Whitestone Dome is probably one of the very few companies that offer all-glass protectors for curved screens. The protector itself is tempered glass that’s delicately curved to fit your screen perfectly. Since the adhesive used for Whitestone Dome Glass is UV-cured, all the sensors on the screen are unaffected including the fingerprint scanner.

Each pack comes with a frame that makes installation foolproof. The liquid dispersion system used by Whitestone guarantees a bubble- and wrinkle-free aftermath. The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector is also compatible with most cases for Galaxy S22 Ultra.

2. ZAGG InvisibleShield Fusion Curve ($51.59 on Amazon)

Thanks to COVID-19, we’re more conscious about the things we touch and our phones are probably one of the dirtiest things that we come in contact with. 

So aside from frequent disinfection, keep your screens less prone to bacteria with this particular screen protector. The ZAGG InvisibleShield Fusion Curve undergoes an anti-microbial treatment that slows down bacterial growth, keeping your phone squeaky clean.

Aside from that, the ZAGG screen protector also offers high resistance to scratches and nicks. The hybrid polymer material looks and feels like glass but it’s actually plastic which makes it easier to mold with the curved screen. 

A heads up though, some users report that this screen protector can be too wide if you’re using thicker phone cases.

3. Otterbox Alpha Flex Protector

Otterbox is a famous brand for all things revolving around your gadget. Naturally, Otterbox released a pretty amazing screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The Otterbox Alpha Flex is a high-quality, flexible TPU-blended screen protector that offers impressive protection against scratches and accidental drops. The protector doesn’t affect any sensors and it still maintains high responsiveness. 

What sets this brand apart from this list is the built-in blue light filter on the screen protector. This ever so slightly filters out blue light and reduces eye strain especially when you’re using your phone at night. The protector itself has a notch for the front-facing camera so your selfies won’t be affected by the filter.

4. AACL Glass

The AACL Glass protector for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a great budget buy for those who are looking for reliable screen protectors without breaking the bank. 

The thickness of the glass is decent and offers substantial protection without becoming too thick. Since it’s tempered glass, this particular variant has a “bubble” feature over the fingerprint sensor which is made from a hybrid material that lessens the interference on the sensor. 

Some users find the fingerprint bubble to be inconsistent especially when you don’t like it up perfectly. But the good thing is that an alignment frame is included in the package to help you fit the screen protector properly.

5. ArmorSuit Military Shield

One of the most reliable yet budget-friendly screen protectors is the ArmorSuit brand. The company is famous for making “self-healing” screen protectors where shallow markings and minimal scratches disappear over time. The secret is their specially-formulated plastic material.

This ArmorSuit Military Shield is ideal for those who want an affordable, no-fuss screen protector. Since the material is highly flexible and clings to your Galaxy S22 Ultra completely, there’s a lesser chance that the edges will lift up when you use your phone without a case.

This screen protector doesn’t affect the fingerprint scanner and has a dedicated notch for the front camera. The only downside is it doesn’t feel premium to touch unlike the other protectors on this list. But for the price, you get more than what you pay for.

6. Spigen NeoFlex Screen Protector

Spigen is another reputable brand for phone accessories. Their screen protectors are particularly top-notch and if you combine them with Spigen cases, your phone will be given maximum protection from scratches and drops.

The NeoFlex screen protector by Spigen is specially designed for an edge-to-edge fit on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. It offers full coverage protection while keeping the same touch and sensor response. It doesn’t affect the display quality of the phone and even has a punched hole for the front-facing camera which is a better alternative than the notch protectors.

Installing this is quite easy too. Spigen includes a direct manual for “wet installation” that ensures a bubble-free and no lifting application. Since Spigen really encourages you to go full-brand on your phone’s protection, the NeoFlex screen protector is compatible with all Spigen cases.

While Samsung is known for the durable screens on their phones, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Especially when we’re talking about a flagship phone that will last you for many years. Adding a few more pesos to protect an eighty-thousand peso phone seems like a small price to pay for your peace of mind. 


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