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Best 10 Incredibly Useful Tips For iPhone 13 Owners

Our 10 helpful iPhone 13 tricks might not be obvious; even if you're not a beginner, you might find some new ones here.

Best 10 Incredibly Useful Tips For iPhone 13 Owners

Our 10 helpful iPhone tricks might not be obvious; even if you're not a beginner, you might find some new ones here. We've explained each one below, so please read the entire article to grasp each tip fully. 

1. Swipe To Erase A Digit In Calculator

We know people who don't know all the little tricks out there to use Calculator tricks more efficiently. You may know most of them, but you don't know all of them or have simply forgotten about them.

If you made a mistake using the Calculator, you don't have to delete everything and start over. Simply swipe right or left anywhere on the screen to remove the last number entered.

2. Pin Shared Content In Messages

You can search for text, links, and other information more easily. And Apple offers more ways to customize your emojis, which can be turned into custom stickers in Messenger.

When someone shares a song or TV show you want to remember, you can long-press the message and then select Pin to keep it at the top of your conversation list.

3. Stack Widgets On Your Home Screen

Apple's signature widget is called the Smart Stack, and it combines several app widgets that you can scroll through yourself or let your iPhone decide which app you see.

For example, if you check the weather first thing in the morning and then your calendar, you'll want to have multiple widgets available on your home screen. Without placing boxes everywhere, you can stack them by dragging similarly sized widgets on top of each other like you're dropping apps into a folder. Then, you want to swipe up to cycle through them.

4. Choose Multiple Photos To Add To Other Apps

Whether you're deleting a few photos or sharing a bunch with another app, there are times when you need to select multiple images at once. This would typically be annoying as you would have to tap on each image you want to select, but there is a much quicker way to batch-select.

This is very good. If you're in Safari and need to copy multiple images to save, notify, email, or do some other app-based task, touch and hold a photo until you hear a quiet beep. Then, tap any other photos you want to save with another finger while holding your finger. This will create a stack of photos, which you can then drag to the bottom of the screen to reveal the home screen. Now just drag the entire stack to the app you want to use and drop it.

5. Save Time Typing With Text Replacement

You have typed the same thing on your iPhone many times. We probably do it more than we realize, whether it's a text or email to your friend or colleague.

If you set up text replacements on your iPhone, you can speed up the typing of that text. These substitutions allow you to write something simple, like "OMW." Then replace it with "On my way."

It may take two minutes of your time to set this up, but it can save you time later on. This is old but good. In Keyboard preferences (under General), you can set keyboard shortcuts to replace text so you can type commonly used phrases quickly. 

6. Open Camera From The Lock Screen

The lock screen shows the current time and date, and your recent notifications appear when you turn on or wake up your iPhone. On the lock screen, you can see messages.

The iPhone lock screen has two shortcut keys: one for the flashlight and one for the Camera. To launch the Camera, until you feel a slight vibration, press and hold the icon; then, you want to take your photo as well as close the app without unlocking your device (iPhone 13). 

7. Scan A Document

In the past, a crude piece of hardware called a scanner was needed to convert a paper document into a digital format. Those days are over. Today when you need to scan a document, all you need is your iPhone. You саn ѕсаn dосumеntѕ dirесtlу frоm your iPhоnе!

YES, if you want to scan a quick document, Apple has integrated a nifty scanner directly into the camera app. While writing a note, tap the Camera button and choose Scan Documents. Then line up a sheet of paper in the viewer, and it will be automatically scanned and added to your note.

8. Use Live Text With Camera

There's a better strategy to digitize handwritten notes, old family recipes, or other paper copies you may have lying around. We are not talking about taking a photo of the note or recipe and attaching it to an email. An iPhone feature called Live Text digitizes notes on the fly.

This is known as a new feature in iOS 15, and it's magical. When you take a photo with text, a small icon with three lines appears in the lower-left corner of the viewfinder. Touch it, and you can interact with the text (copy, translate, share, etc.) as if you had written it yourself.

9. Jump To Your First Photo

But having a great camera isn't the only obstacle to taking award-winning photos. Knowing the trade tricks will make the difference between coming home with some fun snaps or coming back with beautiful photos that you can't wait to print and frame on your wall.

Taping the top is an old iPhone trick to return to the top of a document or web page. When you're in the Photos app, it takes you to the first photo you took. Just tap on the Days tab to go back to the latest version.

10. Search From Your Home Screen

The thing is, the iPhone 13 is a big phone, and sometimes your hands can get tired of reaching the top of the phone. So instead of stretching your hands up, you can bring your screen. Such convenience, much less hassle

This trick is simple: swipe down on a home screen to open Spotlight search, and start typing the item you want to find, whether it's an app, a song, directions, or anything else.


There are many hidden gems in the iPhone 13 that surprised us. Be sure to use these 10 hidden features above because they make life easier every day! Taking our 10 useful tricks for iPhone 13 should remove you from many who use this phone yet are not taking advantage of it.

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