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VR and AR NFTs – Are They the Future of NFTs?

VR and AR NFTs – Are They the Future of NFTs?

VR and AR NFTs – Are They the Future of NFTs?

There is now a new category revolutionizing engagement and interaction with the audience, and this is known as immersive content.

Most artworks today like animated 3D models’ video loops and images listed on most NFT marketplaces are still in 2D. However, with the explosive growth and continuous rise of the metaverse, it is no longer a surprise that the world of NFTs and immersive technologies have now collided, resulting in some amazing experiments conducted by creators who discovered new and innovative ways of combining the two.

Having said that, does it mean that VR and AR NFTs will be a big hit soon?

The Metaverse and Immersive Technologies

The metaverse and its massive potential remain a hot topic among blockchain enthusiasts and digital natives alike as more and more corporations and companies jump onto the metaverse bandwagon. VR and AR technologies are the secret to offering more immersive experiences in a 3D and collaborative virtual world like the metaverse.

NFTs and How They Add Value to VR and AR

NFTs have the potential of transforming VR and AR content and experiences into verifiable assets. This makes them easier and simpler to access, sell, and buy through blockchain technology. Thanks to NFTs, it also makes it easier for users to access both VR and AR experiences.

Aside from this, with the development of NFT standards, collaborators and stakeholders can start forming more complex agreements with each other.

Uses and Applications of VR and AR NFTs

The following are some of the common uses of VR and AR NFTs:

  • Art

Convenient and immersive, AR gives NFT artists the opportunity to create more contextual and more realistic pieces with visual, sound, or other forms of visual effects. AR also allows NFT collectors to completely experience a work of art anytime and anywhere using smart devices.
  • eCommerce

isn’t it great if you can virtually try on a T-shirt or a pair of shoes in the comforts of your home before you check out your virtual cart? Today, this has become a reality with the help of AR NFTs and virtual try-on. With more and more brands now adding AR in the different stages of their customer journey, buyers can have a better idea of the products they are purchasing.
  • Gaming

Aside from offering exciting gameplay to players, P2E or play-to-earn games also give players the chance to collect assets that can be brought to real life. Such assets are available in various forms, including cryptocurrency and in-game NFT. 

Many games offering an in-game economy of their own with Blockchain are getting closer to providing VR and AR experiences. Players will soon have a chance of experiencing their in-game assets with the help of augmented and virtual reality. VR and AR NFTs can also create in-game experiences that are more immersive, resulting in a more compelling narrative of the game.

VR and AR combined with NFTs are now poised to bridge the gap and take gaming experiences to greater heights.

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