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Master These 7 Trending Technologies in 2022

Master These 7 Trending Technologies in 2022

Master These 7 Trending Technologies in 2022 

Technology advancements have seen significant leaps and bounds over the past 60 years. What used to be distant and out of this world ideas turned into tangible realities. 


However, one thing that remained constant despite all these changes is change itself. Every 2 to 3 years, the world experiences technological changes.  

Whether you are a professional working in the tech field or just an average person who wants to keep up with time, make sure you master the following technologies that are expected to trend this 2022: 

AI as a Service 

AI as a service has been introduced to simplify AI and make it accessible to everyone. This is why anyone can now use AI with no need to spend a fortune on expensive hardware.  


The past couple of years has seen blockchain as a popular buzzword. Many people seem to assume that the applications of Blockchain are only limited to cryptocurrencies.  

However, comparing Blockchain and cryptocurrencies is like saying that you can only make calls with smartphones. What most of you don’t realize is that Blockchain has already found its way into many industries including finance, health, insurance, and more. Popular games such as Axie Infinity also use Blockchain today.  


Cybercrimes have seen a spike recently. These cyber-threats ended up in costly damages in 2021 alone amounting to a whopping $6 trillion, which makes it the biggest economic disaster in history. In the health sector, it is expected that cybersecurity will boom by 2025 by up to $125 billion.  


DevOps is the mindset of molding your organizational structures and IT process to promote continuous improvement, software quality, and business value.  

For DevOps implementation, Netflix developed a suite of programs known as the Simian Army. The programs developed issues such as random shutting down of servers, intentionally causing latency issues between services, and more. It helped Netflix come up with scalable and fault-tolerant systems that ultimately help them achieve the principles of DevOps 

Using similar DevOps principles, the data engineering workflow and machine learning workflow can be automated as well. This latest crossover of data engineering and machine learning with DevOps is known as DataOps and MLOps 

Edge Computing 

The practice of edge computing involves analyzing, processing, storing, and capturing data near the client in which the data is generated rather than in a centralized warehouse for data processing. It is forecasted that the global market for edge computing will reach up to $250 billion by 2024.  

Full Stack Development 

For the past two years, there has been a 70% increase in internet usage. It clearly paves way for the rise of more online businesses in the near future.  


Believe it or not, in just a few years, AI and humans will have equal rights. Yes, this is happening already. A good example of this is Sophia, the humanoid AI-powered robot. Sophia has her own emotions and thoughts and can speak and see like humans and was granted in the year 2017 with legal Saudi Arabian citizenship.  

HyperAutomation involves using multiple technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Automation Technologies like RPA or Robotic Process Automation to automate most business processes as much as possible.  

Other trending technologies to master this 2022 include the internet of behaviors, predictive analytics, and snowflake.  



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