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Make Money on Axie Infinity – Is It Even Possible?

Make Money on Axie Infinity – Is It Even Possible?
IMAGE: Axie Infinity

Make Money on Axie Infinity – Is It Even Possible? 

Axie Infinity is a type of premium game that belongs to a whole new trend of non-fungible tokens or NFTs and cryptocurrency-based games. Beyond the exceptional entertainment value, players of Axie Infinity can also make money in different ways such as AXS staking, breeding rare and superior Axies, and selling smooth love potions or SLP. 

Axie Infinity is only allowed for users 18 years of age and above. People who are less than 18 years of age are not allowed to register or use the App, Smart Contracts, and the Site. 

Selling Smooth Love Potions (SLP) 

The most popular and common way to make money within the universe of Axie Infinity is to sell and farm the in-game item known as Smooth Love Potions. SLP is among the necessary elements for breeding Axies and is now enjoying a high market demand.  

There are three different ways of farming SLP and these are the following: 

  1. Fighting monsters in PVE or Adventure Mode  
  2. Completing all daily quests and missions 
  3. Battling with other players in PVP or Arena Mode

Breeding Rare and Superior Axies 

The breeding mechanism is among the most unique characteristics of Axie Infinity. This game basically lets you breed any of the two magical mature creatures known as Axies to produce offspring. This new baby Axie is going to inherit all features from the two parents.  

When you are lucky enough to breed a great Axie with superior and unique features, you can potentially sell it for around $200 at the market. Just so you know, an Axie called Angel, which is a type of triple mystic Axie, got sold off in late 2020 for a whopping $130,000.  

AXS Staking 

AXS staking is the last way to make money in the Axie Infinity universe. This is basically where you lock AXS tokens, a currency in the game, at a certain interest rate that earns numerous rewards throughout the locked period. All of the staked tokens at the moment are recoverable over 5 and ½ years.  

How Do You Start Playing Axie Infinity? 

For those who have the budget to pay for the cost of three Axies, you just need to follow the steps below so you can get started with your game: 

  1. Buy Ethereum.  

To buy Axies, the first step you need to take is to buy some Ethereum. You can get this from the cryptocurrency exchanges that offer Ethereum.  

Create an account with your preferred exchange and confirm your identity. To do this, you have to provide your identification number, a photo of your passport or driver’s license, and your address.  

After the verification of your account, you can use the fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies that the exchange supports to fund your account. 

Search for a trading pair with Ethereum and the specific asset you use to fund the account to complete your order.  

  1. Send Ethereum to MetaMask. 

Get a MetaMask wallet that you need for interacting with the marketplace of Axie Infinity. MetaMask is available as a Google Chrome browser extension and on Android and iOS.  

  1. Send Ethereum to Ronin.  

Install Ronin Wallet, go to Ronin to Ethereum bridge then link your MetaMask wallet. You just need to enter your Ronin address with the Ethereum amount you wish to send and finish the deposit.  

  1. Purchase Axies from the marketplace.  

Proceed to the marketplace and search for three Axies. Consider the purity of the Axie and the number of times it was bred. You should form a strong team as well. One Axie must have high health and the other should have the ability to endure high damage. You will be ready to start playing your first game after you purchase your Axies 


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