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IKEA – The Next Best Store For Mobile Accessories?

IKEA – The Next Best Store For Mobile Accessories?

IKEA – The Next Best Store For Mobile Accessories?

As businesses try to be profitable, it tries to venture into a different line of the industry it is in. Some companies try to venture out into other retail opportunities, or even open a new line of products or services that would also cater to the same market they are in. This faster and ever-changing world is proof that businesses should be open to new ideas.

The same goes for the popular furniture brand IKEA. Apart from the typical household items that they are selling, they also started to offer appliances and other electronic items. This line also includes electronic accessories that are proven to be of quality yet affordable.

Here are some of the top picks for electronic accessories that you can buy in your nearest IKEA store:

Yuppienalle Mobile Phone Holder

Priced at US$0.59, this mobile phone holder cum keychain is near to being a freebie. It has an S-shaped form that can be opened, where the openings of the letter S serve as your phone stand. The wider opening is for use in landscape and the narrow one is for portrait mode. It is recommended for use while watching videos on your phone or stable stand when in a video call. Since it has a key ring at one end, this can be carried anywhere conveniently.

Koppla 5-Port USB Charger

Since Samsung and Apple started to eliminate electronic waste by not including new chargers in their new devices, this could be the perfect accessory for those who recently bought phones from the company. The Koppla 5-port USB charger can give juice to 5 devices at one time. Instead of looking for different chargers, just plug the cable and charge away. However, do not expect fast charging times, especially when charging several devices at the same time.

Nordmarke Wireless Charging Standard

This wireless charger serves as a stand as well, suitable for use whenever using the phone while running low on battery. The base is made from bamboo while the charging pad is made from woven material. This is a great accessory, especially for homes that have a Scandinavian design or those that have a matching wooden table. If you would like to buy this item, the USB power adaptor is sold separately.

Askstorm 23W USB Charger

Compared to other branded fast chargers, this could be one of the cheapest yet durable one that you can buy. The Askstorm 23W USB charger has two ports, where the USB-C is for fast charging and the USB-A is for traditional charging. Both ports can be used at the same time, so you get two devices full of juice.

More than its popular homewares, furniture, and Swedish Meatballs, IKEA now offers a wide range of electronic accessories that fits the budget yet deliver exceptional performance. They are also designed intelligently to make their products ergonomic or minimalist. Though the electronics division is not what they are really known for, they were able to produce accessories that will suit anybody’s home.

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