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How To Earn Money As A Ghostwriter: Beginners Guide

How Much Money Can Ghostwriters Make?

How To Earn Money As A Ghostwriter: Beginners Guide

You can earn money as a Ghostwriter: Ghostwriters save content creators time and effort in exchange for payment. Only be a ghostwriter who is able to write on different types of projects.

You can meet different people and network with entrepreneurs, bloggers and even specialists who need Ghostwriting work according to their area of ​​need. Read on to have ideas of all you need to stand out and earn money as a Ghostwriter.

How Much Money Can Ghostwriters Make?

Some ghostwriters can charge an hourly fee for certain tasks, for example. Writing sales letters and editing services. It is difficult to determine exactly how much a ghostwriter can charge when setting out.

It is better to do market research and see other similar workloads, consider the value you can offer to your client and determine your prices.

There are several ways to earn money with a ghostwriting career. Let's go through some of the things you can do if you want to offer ghostwriting services.

  • Create a portfolio of your work.
  • Do Freelance Writing
  • Write from Many Voices
  • Better Your SEO Skills
  • Find your first client
  • Start with small projects.
  • Where find regular ghostwriting jobs?
  • Network through existing customers.
  • Facebook Groups
  • Pitch to Small Businesses

1. Create A Portfolio Of Your Work

First, as a professional ghostwriter, you will not be credited for your writing. Creating a portfolio of your own work is good to show your writing.

You can create a blog and write blog posts, create your own book, or write several sample chapters with different content. If you go on voice wiring or song composition, you can also write sample speeches and sample songs.

2. Do Freelance Writing

Starting as a freelance writer also helps you get experience in professional writing and build your portfolio. Your ghostwriting work can lead to networking opportunities with many who need your writing services. That's if you put your best work forward as you do freelance work.

With freelance writing, you will soon get used to the professional writing process and improves your writing capacity. At the same time, you can build an online presence you can use with others.

3. Write From Many Voices

Ghostwriters should write in a voice and style that meets the needs of their clients. This requires practice and years of experience actually to master the act. Depending on your client, you may need to write to say or report a story. You may have to write for an experienced audience or write different tones, such as informal, formal, confident, fun, encouraging, etc.

By engaging in hard work and dominating different ways of writing, you will receive a wider variety of ghostwriting clients that will help you earn more money for your efforts.

4. Better Your SEO Skills

A lucrative form to earn additional money by understanding how to write quality optimized content. You can increase your prices because it implies putting longer time into researching pieces and optimizing your content. Sure, this SEO thing will increase your earnings as a ghostwriter.

5. Find Your First Client

If you are ready to start your career (freelance ghostwriting), it's time to find your first clients. A good way to find your first customers is to touch the base with the writing freelance customers you had to see if one of them wants ghostwriting services for future writing needs.

You can also connect with your clients' colleagues and find customers in corporate groups, as on Facebook. And again, word of mouth will help land ghostwriting clients and many more.

6. Start With Small Projects

It makes sense that your first gig (ghostwriting project) is small. For example, a first project could be a series of social media content, an article or some short books. In this way, you can get used to writing for the voice and style of your client compared to your own.

As soon as you are used to the voices and styles of other people, you will be comfortable and can change to larger projects. You can move further to complete books, such as business books or full novels.

7. Where To Find Regular Ghostwriting Jobs?

After starting your appearance as a freelance ghostwriter, it's time to look for customers regularly. Here we talk about how to find more customers to earn more money.

8. Network Through Existing Customers

A good way to find more customers is to ask your existing customers if they know someone who also needs your ghostwriting services. An incentive you can offer is a recommendation or referer fee as a kickback for all those who refer you to any new clients. This is called affiliate marketing and can be very useful in gaining more new clients.

9. Facebook Groups

Facebook has many groups that contain people who may need your services. For example, some groups are dedicated to people who want to hire a virtual assistant, and some VAs offer ghostwriting services. You will probably find potential customers in such groups.

Search Facebook groups for people in niches who want to write, like bloggers, small businesses owners, musicians, etc. These can increase your visibility and find more clients.

10. Pitch To Small Businesses

Nobody likes cold-calling, you don't either, but you can land ghostwriting work by contacting bloggers and business owners in your niche. If they are into a topic you love writing about, it is a good possibility you can sell your services to a blogger in this niche.

In addition, a successful pitch may lead to a longer project that can help you achieve regular income and further open your network.

As already mentioned, it is difficult to say the exact amount you could expect to maintain as a ghostwriter; it depends largely on the industry in which you work and the customers for whom you write. However, it could be pretty much lucrative for first-class big writing projects.


Since writers earn money from the words they type, one of the most common species is a ghostwriter. Even if you work to increase a different passive income, ghostwriting is a skill that can bring immediate cash. It is very important to bring money in when you need it, which is what ghostwriting skills bring to the table.

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