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How to Check CPU Temperature on Windows 11 PC [2022]

How to Check CPU Temperature on Windows 11

How to Check CPU Temperature on Windows 11 PC 2022

Knowing how to check CPU temperature on your Windows 11 PC is one of the best things you can do to monitor and take care of your computer.  

However, there is no specific method that lets you display and read CPU temperatures directly. But it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to check when you need and want to.  

Listed below are different ways of checking the CPU temp of your Windows 11 PC.  

Check CPU Temperature from BIOS Menu 

If you just wish to know the temperatures that your CPU idles around, you can easily do so by checking the BIOS menu. Take note that different OEMs will also have different ways of entering the BIOS menu. However, the general method for entering the BIOS Menu is to press the F2 key while your PC boots up 

You will be able to enter the BIOS Menu if you repeatedly press the F2 key as soon as your computer starts. Once the menu pops up, you can then read the temperatures for the CPU and the RPM of the fans installed on your Windows 11 computer.  

Check CPU Temperature with HWINFO 

One of the popular software programs that top companies use for monitoring computer systems is HFINFO. You can download this program for free and is available as an installer and portable version. 

After you download the program, you just need to extract the folder and then run the HWINFO64.exe or HFINFO32 depending on the architecture that your system is on. Once you open and run the program, just click on the sensors tab.  

Another window will pop afterward. Scroll a bit down to see the temps of your CPU immediately. This will also show you your CPU’s voltage values.  

Check CPU Temperature with HWMONITOR 

Another program that you can use for free, HWMONITOR, has been created by the makers of CPU-Z. This is a super useful program that allows you to monitor all the hardware installed on your PC. This software can also be downloaded for free and is very easy and simple to use.  

After you download the program, you can then proceed to install this on your system. After you open the program, you will be able to check all the details regarding your CPU, such as the temperatures and voltage at both their minimum and maximum values.  

Check CPU Temperature with Open Hardware Monitor 

Open Hardware Monitor is an open-source software you can use for free and install right away. After downloading the software, you just need to extract the folder and then run the OpenHardWareMonitor.exe file. 

This program will run immediately and doesn’t require installation. Once the program is open, you can see all details related to your CPU. The temp values will be shown immediately as well.  



Speccy is yet another program you can use for getting helpful information regarding your Windows 11 computer. The program has both a paid and free version that you can download. Its features include automatic updates and premium support for the paid version. 


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