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Does The iPhone SE 2022 Feels Outdated?

Does The iPhone SE 2022 Feels Outdated?

Does The iPhone SE 2022 Feels Outdated? 


When Apple releases a device, tech enthusiasts will surely focus their attention on what the company has to say. Since it is becoming a trend for Apple to make an announcement in Spring, consumers expect to see something worth buying from their device lineup. 


As you might have already seen, the recent announcement includes the launch of the new Green variants of the iPhone 13 series, updating the Mac lineup, iPad Air with M1, and the iPhone SE 2022. Though the iPad Air looks the same yet more powerful because of the new chip, the iPhone SE feels the same. Aside from the fact that it borrows the exact same look like the iPhone 8, it was marketed in the way that it should feel refreshed. 


The iPhone SE was first launched in March 2016, which offered the same look like the iPhone 5S when the company released the 6S lineup. The same happened again in 2020 when the second generation has the same look as iPhone 8 when the company already released the 11 series. Unfortunately, the third generation still has the same look as its predecessor but with better and upgraded features. 


In comparison to the second generation (2020), it has the same physical look that you may still use the same cover for your new iPhone SE including the use of Touch ID. The 4.7-inch screen with the oleophobic coating is also the same with a 326 PPI of 16:9 ratio. The good thing is, that the device now has 4GB of RAM as the previous model has 3GB. It promises to have better graphics than the previous generation. Apple was also able to make the battery slightly bigger at about 2000 mAh, which can also be charged wirelessly. 


With the availability of 5G and a number of improvements, the device’s starting price is USD 429. Did you know that Apple still sells its iPhone 11 at USD 499? The latter still follows the all-screen design and Face ID, without the premium price. On top of that, the iPhone 11 has a dual-camera setup that includes an ultra-wide camera. If you prefer brighter colors for your phone, the iPhone 11 is available in 6 different shades. 


Many Apple fans have expected to have the third generation of iPhone SE to follow the look of the iPhone XR. However, Apple still managed to make this year’s iPhone SE feel upgraded. At least, this is the cheapest iPhone device that offers 5G connectivity and the latest A15 Bionic chip. This will ensure that the brand will provide software updates a little longer compared to the previously released models. 


There is nothing wrong with buying an iPhone SE 2022. In the end, it is still your preference that should matter. Some may find the device to be worth it due to the 5G, while some may not see the real value of this smartphone. Just like when buying any smartphone, always try to make the best decision as smartphones became a necessity nowadays. It can also be considered as our partner in our daily life. 


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