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Beauty Meets Fitness: The Huawei Band 6

Beauty Meets Fitness: The Huawei Band 6: Go Bigger For Better

Beauty Meets Fitness: The Huawei Band 6


Technology has truly changed the way we do things. This includes the things that help us tell time. Some of us are already amazed at how automatic wristwatches work, but the new smartwatches on the market have the most functional features we never expected to have. This modern technology that we now wear on our wrists helps us improve our daily lives.  


One of which is the Huawei Band 6. Unsurprisingly, the US ban on Huawei did not stop them from releasing consumer products that they have developed through the years. It even goes beyond functionality, because these watches look good too. 


Tagged as more of a fitness band, the Huawei Band 6 has a 1.47-inch AMOLED FullView display. This is what the brand calls it whenever the screen size of their devices extends to the maximum capacity of the device. It has a 282 PPI, making it one of the finest displays in a smartwatch. In addition, the screen is in a long rectangular shape, where it can give more information compared to round or square-shaped smartwatches. 


It would be boring to just look at the watch without any design on the screen. The watch includes a variety of “faces” that you can choose depending on your mood or fashion. If you don’t like the pre-loaded ones, you may also download one from the Huawei Watch Face Store. You can even use your photo to make the device more personalized. 


Apart from the design, the Huawei Band 6 is full of features, given that it is a fitness band. To start, it has a 24/7 Heart Monitoring that uses the sensors on the back of the watch and AI processing. An alert will show from the watch whenever there is an unusual heart rate reading. The band also has SpO2 monitoring, where it can detect chronic low blood saturation. There will also be an alert that will notify you to take a rest for a while. Plus, measure your stress levels as it has the TruRelax Stress Monitoring System. Women can also track their menstrual period with the watch. 


As it is a fitness band, this device has 96 exercise modes that can simultaneously read your heart rate, calories, and other essential information depending on your workout. Since understanding health statistics can be complicated for some, the brand stores and analyze the data in easy-to-understand information.  


Since this can also be classified as a smartwatch, it can also serve as a remote control for your phone. It can work as a remote shutter for your phone’s camera, and provide easy access to controls when listening to music, answering calls and messages, notification alerts, and even weather updates.  


The Huawei Band 6 can be used not just with Huawei phones but can be connected to Android devices running Android 6 and above or iPhones having iOS 12 and later. However, some of the functionalities may not be available when using a phone from a different manufacturer. It is available in a black or gold case with 4 different color bands.  


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