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Axie Infinity and Beyond – The Trendiest Way to Play and Earn Money

Axie Infinity and Beyond – The Trendiest Way to Play and Earn Money
IMAGE: Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity and Beyond – The Trendiest Way to Play and Earn Money  


If you are keeping up with the latest news, you have probably heard of Axie Infinity. But what is Axie Infinity in the first place? Is it just another game like Pokemon Go or Mobile Legends? What makes it so special that people are going gaga over it? 


Axie Infinity is one of the most popular play-to-earn games right now where users can make money at the same time. This is a Vietnamese NFT-based game that allows players to buy NFTs of monsters who fight against each other to win the in-game currency. Players can then exchange this in-game currency for cash.  


Axie Infinity – How Does It Work? 


Before you get started with playing, first, you should be familiar with the in-game digital assets known as Small Love Portions. This lets users accumulate a collection of Axies players can use in the game universe. 


There are several ways for earning assets in this game, and these include the following: 


  • Breeding Axies 
  • Collecting rare Axies  
  • PVP or player vs. player battles 
  • Selling Axies on the marketplace  


Players of the game can nurture and breed creatures then put them up for sale in the marketplace in exchange for other cryptocurrencies or money.  


How Do You Earn Money When Playing Axie Infinity? 


The company behind Axie Infinity makes use of blockchain technology for rewarding players for gaming. However, it is important to remember that the play-to-earn gaming model where gamers are rewarded with cryptocurrency for playing is technically not free at all.  


Gamers may need to spend anywhere around $1,000 or more just so they can start to earn money in the universe of Axie Infinity.  


This famous play-to-earn gaming platform requires beginners to have up to three Axies that can be purchased on the Marketplace Dashboard of the game. Participants can also start to earn cryptocurrency if they play different games, breed rare Axies, and sell potions.  


Axie Infinity is proof that it is now possible to make money in play to earn games through acquiring in-game rewards for their play.  


Axie Infinity already amassed legions of fans, which include regions where most of the population are unbanked. You can also find limited options for employment and players can earn more if they engage in play-to-earn games instead of traditional employment.   


The player can also join or form guilds where they can rent or borrow in-game characters and share profits and play for rewards.  


Games such as Axie Infinity and other similar play-to-earn games now pave the way and create completely new economies, and the world can expect that more like this will be seen in the near future.  


The truth is that the play to earn modern is not necessarily new. However, one thing is for sure. The model is now starting to become more and more popular among people now more than ever.  


If you want to have fun and earn at the same time, the world of Axie Infinity and beyond welcomes you to a whole new level of gaming like no other.  



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