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10 Must-Have and Useful Windows 11 Apps You Should Try

10 Must-Have and Useful Windows 11 Apps You Should Try

10 Must-Have and Useful Windows 11 Apps You Should Try

In today's article, we will be exploring a list of Windows 11 applications you should try. Although Windows 11 came with its apps and useful features, installing these third-party apps might make your work on your PC easier and faster. Don't worry, we won't waste your time by mentioning popular apps like Google Chrome, Teams, and so on that, you already know about. 

These third-party apps not only help you enjoy your Windows 11 experience, but they will also help improve security, enhance better performance, and give your Windows a new look.

Below is a list of the carefully considered and useful Windows 11 apps you might want to have on your PC.

1. Auto Dark Mode

A lot of people prefer using the dark mode as a protective measure for their eyes, especially at night. While IOS already has this feature, it is not yet available on Windows 11. As the name implies, Auto Dark Mode will help you solve this problem on your Windows system. 

This app not only enables you to enjoy the dark mode feature, but it also allows you to set a timer for dark mode so you don't need to do so manually on your Windows 11 setting app.

The app can also automatically switch to dark mode when your PC is unplugged to conserve battery. This app also enables you to set a light mode for User Interface and dark mode for other apps or the other way round.

2. Libre office

Here is another application that is a must-have on your Windows 11. Although, Microsoft Office has made its name because of its important role in daily lives. However, to have an uninterrupted experience requires an Office subscription. How about I tell you that Libre Office works just as perfectly as Microsoft Office without any interruptions and it also includes important office tools like Powerpoint, Excel, and many more.

3. Franz

This particular application is amazing. It contains all the popular social media apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Google Hangouts, and the rest. Basically, you don't have to open numerous tabs on chrome to access your social media individually. Franz provides easy access to each of your social media apps by combining them under one roof. With the help of Franz, you do not have to juggle between your social media apps and accounts.

4. Internet Download Manager

This is one of the best download managers, especially for Windows 11. You can manage your downloads once you install this app. With Internet Download Manager, you won't experience failed downloads when downloading a large file. 

This application increases download speed and also allows you to pause your downloads and resume whenever you are ready. In situations where there is a power outage, your download stops automatically and it saves the progress. You can enjoy 30 days of the free demo on this app after which you are required to pay a token of $24 for a permanent subscription.

5. Stardock Star11

This app is also a must-have because it helps bring back one of the most enjoyable features of Windows 10. In the new Windows 11, the Taskbar is moved to the center of the screen, the start menu was also moved which some users didn't find appealing. The good news is that with Stardock Star11, you can adjust this feature and also customize the start menu to your taste.

6. One Commander

The file manager was optimized to improve usage on Windows 11. However, some users might find it a bit complex and confusing to use. If you're in this league, One Commander is the solution for you. It can substitute the regular Windows 11 file manager. There are a variety of options to choose from while setting it up. There are also different themes to choose from, you could also customize your taskbar and file manager layout to your style. It has a light and dark features and also works as an image converter.

7. Microsoft OneNote

This is another amazing application you should have on your Windows 11. You can take down important notes, memories, inspirations, ideas, sketches, or contacts on this application. This is particularly useful for forgetful people. 

Also, you don't have to worry about how secured your notes are, you can easily protect them with a password. Students can also make use of this app for their class materials and assignments. This application also allows users to create notes that can contain drawings, pictures, and tables. Notes on this app can also be shared with other One Note users.

8. Adobe Creative Cloud Express

This app is also a must-have especially if you are into graphics and designs. The new Adobe application is created in such a way that non-professionals can create beautiful designs. You can make amazing logos, posters, flyers, and social media designs using their templates. It consists of many designs element with free access to them. With Adobe Creative Cloud Express, you can make mind-blowing school project designs, work presentations, and many more. However, to gain access to more templates and tools, a monthly subscription of $9.99 is required.

9. Braina

Briana is an intelligent personal assistant and multifunctional AI software which allows you to interact with your PC using voice commands. It works just as perfectly as Cortana. Although Cortana does not have flaws on your Windows 11 but you could also try out another AI assistant. Braina is a great replacement for Cortana. It has the same features and can do everything Cortana does even much more. You can manage your schedules, alarms, reminders, search files on your PC, read ebooks, and lots more.

10. 1Password

Everyone requires a password manager because so many websites demand passwords and it is unsafe to use one password for all of your dealings. 1Password is a safe password manager that will help you secure all of your passwords in a virtual vault. Not only does it helps you remember your passwords, but you can also save essential documents and credit card information in it. This application allows a demo for 14 days and afterward requires a subscription.

Try out the above-mentioned applications on your Windows 11 and enjoy a seamless experience while networking. I'm sure you found this helpful, kindly stay tuned to our sites for more helpful posts.

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